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Kunal Chhabra | JEE Main Topper 2019
110 | AIR

“I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards Aakash Digital for helping me to realise my dreams. I enrolled for the 2-year Aakash Live classroom program. I secured 110 AIR Rank in JEE 2019. I am really happy today and owe my success to my parents, almighty God, and Aakash Digital.”

Hardik Arya | NEET Qualified
345 | AIR

"I joined Ranker's Study Package on Aakash iTutor. Aakash iTutor is a great app to prepare by as it provides various time bound tests exactly based on NEET and other exams' pattern which helps to prepare for such exams by increasing our speed and accuracy. The AIATS is great platform to analyse and prepare as it gives an AIR and video solutions thereby helping us to evaluate our performance on national level and strengthening our weak concepts and topics. The SBTS also helped in preparing for exams like AIIMS and JIPMER. Therefore I would recommend each and every medical aspirant to join Aakash for ensuring their success in medical entrance exams."

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Aman Mathur's Father | NEET Aspirant

"We have opted Aakash Live 2 year course for our son Aman, as this allows him to manage his school classes and Aakash Live classes on day to day basis. The faculty are very supportive in helping the student in his study. As a parent, we are satisfied for opting Aakash Live course for Medical preparation for Aman. He himself is enjoying his studies with Aakash Live. We are very much hopeful that the Aakash Live course, the material allows Aman for the best result in upcoming exams''

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Harpreet Singh | NEET Qualified

“Studying medical has always been my childhood dream. Today, it is possible only because of Aakash Digital which helped me in cracking NEET exam. ‘Aakash Live’ from Aakash Digital is result oriented and focus based platform. I would also like to thank my family and the almighty for blessing me.”

Mother of Tahir Hussain | NEET Aspirant

"The Aakash iTutor package covers complete theory in Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology from medical as well as school/board point of view. It spans the entire medical entrance examination curriculum which helped Tahir a lot in his preparation. The content is rich, deep and up to date by Aakash experienced faculty. It has thoroughly researched content aligned with the latest syllabus."

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Geet Joshi | NEET Topper 2018
147 | AIR

"I was a two-year regular student of Aakash LIVE. I live in a remote area that is Bikaner in Rajasthan and there is less facility of quality education. Aakash Live helped me get the quality of coaching and faculty available in Delhi and Kota. I would suggest you all join Aakash Live program for your competitive exam preparation."

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Aditi Jindal | NEET Qualified

"I cannot thank Aakash Digital enough for helping me crack NEET entrance exams which was my dream. The faculty of Aakash Digital has played a vital role in supporting and guiding me throughout this journey. It gave me an experience which is at par with prominent coaching institutes across India and as I belong to a remote area, getting access to Aakash Digital from the comfort of my home was a blessing."

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Arjun Pant | NEET & JIMPER Qualified

"Cracking NEET was a long cherished dream, but finding a reliable coaching centre was an issue. Aakash Digital helped me realize my dreams with its result oriented and focused based platform. Aakash Live was like a blessing in disguise and I would like to recommend it to every aspiring student who dreams big. Thank you Aakash Live."

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Soumy Singhal | NEET & JIMPER Qualified

"Studying at Aakash iTutor was a great experience. The tests which were conducted over here were of the same pattern as the medical entrance examinations. Also, the lectures (recorded) were also great. I feel delighted as becoming a doctor was my childhood dream and I am happy that Aakash helped in this. I would like to thank Aakash for all the facilities also I would recommend. Other aspirants to join Aakash Digital. I am happy to secure AIR 383 in JIPMER and AIR 1329 in NEET and this has been possible by the support of Aakash system and my family."

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