Prepare for NEET/JEE second innings with Aakash Live

A student’s life is quite similar to the game of cricket. Just like the DRS technology in cricket reverses a wrong decision and provides the player with a second chance to bounce back, students also get a second chance to succeed in the NEET/JEE examination. With Aakash Live, you can start your second innings of NEET/JEE preparations from scratch and clear the examination with flying colors. Aakash Live delivers live online classes by experienced faculty and allows you to regularly assess your performance with online practice tests, further helping you to ace the NEET/JEE 2020. In live online classes, students get proper guidance, paper solving strategy, right writing methodology and tips to score good marks.

Aakash Live Repeater Course Features

  • 500+ Hours of Live Interactive Classes
  • Instant doubt clarification during live classes
  • Online parent teacher meeting (PTM)
  • Advanced doubt resolution support after the class
  • Access to the recordings of all past classes
  • 50+ Tests and complimentary access to AIATS (All India Aakash Test Series)
  • Additional printed books

Aakash Live Advantages


CBSE — Class 10 Physics
NEET — Class 11 Biology
NEET — Class 12 Botany

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