Class 12 Daily Practice Tests - 1 Year NEET Preparation

Botany | Physics | Zoology | Chemistry (Course Validity : May 31,2020)
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Course Description

Course Advantage:
1. This course contains the following Tests
490 - Daily Practice Tests

2. Thoroughly researched content aligned with the latest NCERT syllabus prepared by highly experienced Aakash faculty.
3. Assess yourself anytime, anywhere and get a detailed analysis of each attempted Test.
4. Gives you question-level data insights and helps you with data to manage your time better during the exam.
5. Attempt missed tests as per your convenience.

Package Contains

7000+ Questions
450+ Tests
₹ 2,999.00
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Course Advantages

  • Thoroughly researched content aligned with the latest NCERT syllabus prepared by highly experienced Aakash faculty
  • Assess yourself anytime, anywhere and get detailed analysis of each attempted Test

Course Features

  • Covers Tests for Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology for Class 11 and 12
  • Specially designed for NEET.
  • Multi-device platform accessibility
  • Attempt tests in CBT mode without internet
  • Feedback and detailed analysis at your fingertips
System Requirements
Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile. Internet bandwidth requirement of 512 Kbps.

What you'll cover in this course

12 : Physics

  • Electric Charges & FieldLocked
  • Electrostatic Potential and CapacitanceLocked
  • Current ElectricityLocked
  • Moving Charges and MagnetismLocked
  • Magnetism and MatterLocked
  • Electromagnetic inductionLocked
  • Alternating CurrentLocked
  • Electromagnetic WavesLocked
  • Ray Optics & Optical InstrumentsLocked
  • Wave OpticsLocked
  • Dual Nature of Radiation and MatterLocked
  • AtomsLocked
  • NucleiLocked
  • SemiconductorLocked
  • Communication SystemLocked

12 : Chemistry

  • Solid StateLocked
  • SolutionsLocked
  • ElectrochemistryLocked
  • Chemical KineticsLocked
  • Surface ChemistryLocked
  • General Principles and Processes of Isolation of ElementsLocked
  • p-Block Elements (Strictly NCERT)Locked
  • d & f-Block ElementsLocked
  • Coordination CompoundsLocked
  • Haloalkanes and HaloarenesLocked
  • Alcohols, Phenols and EthersLocked
  • Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic AcidsLocked
  • AminesLocked
  • BiomoleculesLocked
  • PolymersLocked
  • Chemistry in Everyday LifeLocked

12 : Botany

  • Reproduction in OrganismsLocked
  • Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsLocked
  • Principles of Inheritance & VariationLocked
  • Molecular Basis of InheritanceLocked
  • Strategies for Enhancement in Food ProductionLocked
  • Microbes in Human WelfareLocked
  • Organisms and PopulationsLocked
  • EcosystemLocked
  • Biodiversity and ConservationLocked
  • Environmental IssuesLocked

12 : Zoology

  • Reproduction in OrganismsLocked
  • Human ReproductionLocked
  • Reproductive HealthLocked
  • Evolution: Theories & EvidencesLocked
  • Human Health & DiseaseLocked
  • Animal HusbandryLocked
  • Biotechnology-Principles and ProcessesLocked
  • Biotechnology and its ApplicationsLocked

11 : Physics

  • Physical WorldLocked
  • Units MeasurementsLocked
  • Motion in a Straight LineLocked
  • Motion in a PlaneLocked
  • Laws of MotionLocked
  • Work Energy PowerLocked
  • System of Particles Rotational MotionLocked
  • GravitationLocked
  • Mechanical Properties of SolidsLocked
  • Mechanical Properties of FluidsLocked
  • Thermal Properties of MatterLocked
  • ThermodynamicsLocked
  • Kinetic TheoryLocked
  • OscillationsLocked
  • WavesLocked

11 : Chemistry

  • Some Basic Concepts of ChemistryLocked
  • Structure of AtomLocked
  • Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesLocked
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureLocked
  • States of MatterLocked
  • ThermodynamicsLocked
  • EquilibriumLocked
  • Redox ReactionsLocked
  • HydrogenLocked
  • The s Block ElementsLocked
  • The p Block ElementsLocked
  • Organic Chemistry Some Basic Principles & TechniquesLocked
  • HydrocarbonsLocked
  • Environmental ChemistryLocked

11 : Botany

  • Cell The Unit of LifeLocked
  • Cell Cycle Cell DivisionLocked
  • The living worldLocked
  • Biological ClassificationLocked
  • Morphology of Flowering PlantsLocked
  • Anatomy of Flowering PlantsLocked
  • Plant KingdomLocked
  • Transport in PlantsLocked
  • Mineral NutritionLocked
  • Photosynthesis in Higher PlantsLocked
  • Respiration in PlantsLocked
  • Plant Growth and DevelopmentLocked

11 : Zoology

  • Structural Organisation in Animals Animal TissuesLocked
  • BiomoleculesLocked
  • Digestion AbsorptionLocked
  • Breathing Exchange of GasesLocked
  • Body Fluids CirculationLocked
  • Excretory Products their EliminationLocked
  • Locomotion MovementLocked
  • Neural Control CoordinationLocked
  • Chemical Coordination IntegrationLocked
  • Animal Kingdom General Account Non chordatesLocked
  • Animal Kingdom ChordatesLocked
  • Structural Organisation in Animals Animal MorphologyLocked

Reviews and Ratings

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3 years ago Priya Gautam

This is the best online test series I have got till date. The online daily practice tests helped me assess my preparation anytime, anywhere with detailed performance analysis reports. The questions in the tests are aligned with the latest NCERT syllabus and helped me work on my basic concepts. Would recommend it to every medical entrance exam aspirant looking for tests to analyse their progress regularly.

3 years ago Saurabh Kumar

This online test series has more than 490 tests on class 11 and 12 syllabus, which is really helpful for medical entrance exam aspirants. I solved daily practice tests regularly to check how well I have understood the topic and worked on my weaknesses, which seriously helped me perform well in the final exam.

3 years ago Deepti Bhatia

Aakash PracTest has a great collection of daily practice tests for NEET, AIIMS and JIPMER. I used the online test series for my NEET preparation. The practice tests helped me strengthen my concepts and build my confidence. It gave me a clear idea of my preparation and ultimately helped me give my best shot in the final exam.

3 years ago Shruti Choubey

I started practicing very early and that helped me stay calm later in my exam. Solve daily tests. Must.

3 years ago Rano Roy

Very useful course for NEET and AIIMS.

3 years ago Preeti Singh

This course has helped me a lot in analysing my performance on daily basis. Thanks to Aakash Digital.

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Every year, over 100,000 students take our practice tests to enhance their preparation.


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